Getting ready for Christmas - 90 days to go!

  • 2 min read

It always feels too early when department stores like Myer and David Jones roll out their Christmas decorations, but as of today there are only 90 days left until Christmas! 

It's too soon - we have plenty of time, is what we often tell ourselves! If that's true, why are we always rushing around at the last minute?!

We at Bits of Australia are dedicated to helping make Christmas 2015 your most organised festive season yet. So, here are our top tips for the workplace and home that will help save you time and reduce your stress levels during this busy end of year period:


  • Plan and book your staff Christmas celebration- popular venues book out early, so don't leave this one to the last minute! Do your research and book the venue, keep an events checklist you can work on over the coming weeks and don't forget Kris Kringle!
  • Prepare your client/ customer Christmas card list - A Christmas message is a lovely and simple way to say thanks to current clients, as well as get in touch with past and potential new clients. Compile your Christmas card list now and order some beautiful cards early.
  • Order your client gifts - if you're buying in bulk or looking to get gifts customised, now is the time to place your order. Remember many offices close and people go away at least a week before Christmas so you want your gifts to arrive in time.


  • Keep a Christmas card/ gift list - keep a list of people and gifts ideas and keep an eye out for the ideal gift now instead of rushing around busy shopping centres at the last minute. 
  • Send any overseas gifts - while international delivery times have vastly improved over recent years, services still become overloaded and experience delays during the busy Christmas period. Order your gifts and send them now to avoid disappointment.
  • Collect stocking stuffers - quality and affordable stocking stuffers are hard to find, and you always need one more gift for that long lost relative or friend who pops up. Start a stockpile of small gifts that can also be used as stocking stuffers or even Christmas ornaments.

With an international flat rate shipping fee of just $15 - there's no better place to get your overseas Christmas gifts sorted! Plus we have the best Aussie Christmas cards around, wrapping and lots  of stocking stuffers and Kris Kringle gifts too...