Spring Gardening Bits

  • 2 min read

Spring is upon us and pretty soon our gardens will be sprouting with newfound life (if they’re not already!)

We know it takes a patient and careful hand to maintain and care for a thriving garden (something we're still learning!) and dirt under the fingernails, dry or sun damaged hands and sore knees or joints can be the price we pay to enjoy the natural beauty and sense of satisfaction that a successful garden can bring...

So here are some ways we thought of to help prepare and get through the spring gardening season and minimise common injuries and complaints:

  1. Look after your skin – always wear sunscreen, cover up and drink plenty of water when working outdoors. Keep your hands protected with our gorgeous 'Bushland' long sleeve garden gloves from Annabel Trends, and after a long day in the garden make sure you replenish and nourish your skin with a hydrating moisturiser like our Coconut & Lime hand cream from Evodia.


  1. Soak in a hot bath – there’s nothing quite like a hot bath to unwind! Simply add some Epsom salts, light a scented candle like our Moroccan Mango, Lime & Mint jar candle from Essense, play some relaxing music and maybe pour yourself a cheeky glass of wine... For sore, tired muscles try our 'Darling Mum's heat/ cold pack from Annabel Trends. We love this even if we haven’t been working in the garden…


  1. Try some yoga – stretch tight and aching muscles and joints at a yoga class to help relieve muscle tension and manage some of the common RSS injuries associated with gardening, plus you’ll improve your flexibility and overall health too!

Whether you’re working on a sprawling Victorian-style garden, a veggie patch, balcony garden or small window box, we’ve got a great range of Australian made gifts that will reward gardeners of all shapes and sizes, and help get the most out of your springtime gardening experience.

Don't forget to check out our garden inspired handmade notebooks and wrapping paper too!