5 numbers about Bits of Australia for our 5th year anniversary

  • 2 min read

For our 5 year anniversary, learn a little more about Bits of Australia!


Year when Bits of Australia was created by Micaela Smith, our lovely owner. It was also the year when Adam Goode's was named Australian of the Year. Not only is he one of Micaela's favourite football players but a leader in anti-racism and indigenous-youth programs. The Peanut Butter Tim Tam reached the Australian supermarket aisles - so yeah, that was a pretty big year!


It's the estimated number of Tim Tams that went through our hands, either sent as part of our ripper Aussie Food Treat Bags by our customer to their loved ones overseas, or as a token of our gratitude to our loved customers (shhhh it's a secret), or even eaten by Micaela in times of stress!


It's the number of local businesses we currently support on our online store and in our showroom. By the way, if you are manufacturing good quality products in Australia, that you think may interest our customers, feel free to contact us - at the moment we are especially interested in Australian made pens, pencils, or mugs! We would be glad to grow this number!


The number of Australian made bits sold during these 5 wonderful years. That's a lot of Australian bits that traveled in Australia and all around the world, isn't it?


That's the number of metres of delivery tape we estimate we have used to make sure your parcels arrive in great condition! We estimate that if we traveled this distance we could get around around Australia stopping at every state and territory capital city - plus a few stops back and forwards from our Balmain office for a cup of tea at Micaela's mum's place on the Central Coast.