Father's Day - Remembering a Great Aussie Dad!

  • 2 min read

Hi, it's Micaela here. This will be my first Father’s Day without my Dad, so I wanted to take a moment to remember and celebrate his life.

We often take it for granted that someone will always be with us - in March this year, I realised that my Dad would no longer be with us. He died suddenly at Sydney Airport and while it was a traumatic experience, I got to see first hand how fantastic the Airport Staff, Police, Paramedics and Aussie public are when things go wrong. I will always be grateful for everyone that looked after my Dad and supported my Mum that day.

We almost lost Dad 20 years ago, but he survived two cancers so it’s nice to think that he got an extra 19 years AND he really enjoyed them!

Born and bred on the Central Coast in NSW, he never left his beachside haven. He was a gentle and quiet man with a cheeky sense of humour. He loved vanilla slice, coffee and garlic bread. He also always had a good stash of chocolates, fruitcake and t-shirts in his cupboards.

Dad was a top squash player and loved his sport. He played baseball, football and was heavily involved with the local Surf Club. He loved Surfing Drums music so much that he always told us that was the music he wanted played at his funeral. He loved playing that music loudly while he vacuumed or when we were hungover (well, it was either the music or his leaf blower outside the window!).

Dad always encouraged us to follow our dreams and was very supportive with my banking career and the start of Bits of Australia. He kept me company a number of times at pop up store events & a number of customers would sit down have a good chat with him about this and that.

He had an enormous passion for travel and was always busy planning his next annual adventure and he developed a great friendship and rivalry with my English partner Adam. Dad would phone him after every UK vs Australia cricket and rugby match gloating about Australia’s performance. The phone was very quiet after the 2003 Rugby World Cup and Adam really missed winding him up during this year's Ashes tour in England.

So this Father’s Day, I will drink my coffee and munch on some vanilla slice and remember my Dad and all the good times we shared.

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