Spotlight on Melbourne - The World's Most Liveable City

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Melbourne is a dynamic and cosmopolitan hub of culture, sport, food and style. This capital city in the state of Victoria was named the world's most liveable city in the world for the fourth year in a row by the Economist Intelligence Unit's liveability survey in August 2014. 

From more than 2,000 beautiful parks and reserves scattered all over the city, to the Australian Grand Prix and the Australian Open, Melbourne offers a great quality of life and the chance to be a part of some of the world's most prestigious and popular events.

  Flinders St Station, Melbourne

The Yarra and beyond

The Yarra River flows through Melbourne CBD and on both sides of the river there are convenient walkways, bicycle paths and bridges, making it possible to enjoy the city's main water feature while taking in the picturesque surroundings. 

You can choose to walk, cycle, take a tram or even a river boat cruise to make your way to many of Melbourne's most popular attractions including the Royal Botanical Gardens, Crown Casino, Melbourne Acquarium, Federation Square, Melbourne Cricket Ground, and the Arts Centre, just to name a few.

The Yarra River and many of the city's most famous attractions are featured in our Melbourne 2016 Calendar. This collection of beautiful scenic images is a great way to remember your  travels or inspire your friends to discover new places within Melbourne.

Melbourne 2016 Calendar

Flinders St Station

Before Federation Square became Melbourne's favourite meeting place, Flinders Street Station was the most popular place for Melbournians to meet up with their friends, family and colleagues in the CBD. When arranging to meet in the city it was very common to say ‘I'll meet you under the clocks.' 

Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, the distinctive yellow facade and green dome of Flinders Street Station make it one of the most recognisable landmarks in Melbourne. Australia’s oldest train station, it currently connects 15 different train lines and sees over 100,000 commuters pass through its platforms every day.

This grand Edwardian baroque building is featured in our Superplaces Melbourne Cushion Cover, Poster, Greeting Card, and Bookmark by Supertrooper. The striking silhouette of Flinders St station is also captured in our Melbourne Wooden magnet which has been laser cut from cherry wood.


Melbourne's trams

Melbourne's iconic trams are one of the best ways to get around the city and see the sights. Melbourne is the only city in Australia which still has a full scale tram network, with 24 different tram routes and 250km of double track - making it the largest operating tram network in the world.

Melbourne's trams are the heroes of many of the Australian designs you will find in our online gift collections, on our bags and notebooks to tea towels and magnets.


 Melbourne Tram Travel Pad                           Melbourne Tram Calico Bag



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 Melbourne Trams 3D Construction Card


Teach your children about Melbourne's trams and other attractions with this pack of 4 beautiful Melbourne Scenes colouring-in cards. The original artwork is by Australian artist Helen Ashley.

Both educational and fun, the cards can be sent as a sealed postcard for a unique gift.


 Melbourne's tricky hook turns

If you are planning to drive in Melbourne's CBD when you come for a visit, make sure you watch out for the "hook turn" signs  and be prepared to turn right from the leftmost lane. 
It is quite a tricky task, especially when there is heavy traffic in the city. Hook turns exist in Melbourne in order to facilitate the clear passage of trams and prevent right-turning drivers from having to wait or check that there are no trams crossing their path. Our nifty travel card holders pictured here below are not a great way to carry your Myki, Oyster or other travel cards, they are also very helpful for understanding how to do a hook turn.

Even More Melbourne

We have lots more souvenirs and gorgeous gifts featuring Melbourne and its many highlights. Head to our online store to find these delightful Melbournia and much more.

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All of our gifts are designed and made in Australia. Some of them are even made right here, in Melbourne!