Earth Hour Australia 2015

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This Saturday 28th March thousands of Australians will be switching off their lights at 8.30pm for Earth Hour Australia 2015.

Earth Hour was founded by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007 in Sydney in order to draw attention to important environmental causes.

This year Earth hour events such as twilight picnics, food fairs, farmers markets and pop-up restaurants will be taking place around the country as a way to raise awareness of the impact of global warming on Aussie food and farmers.

Earth Hour 28 March 2015

So, how can you join in the action during Earth hour this weekend? To find out about the many exciting and delicious events happening around the country simply visit the Earth Hour events page. If you are thinking of holding your own Earth hour event for your friends, family, business or school here are 6 great ideas:

    1. Aussie Classic Food Party

    What better way to enjoy earth hour than by grabbing some candles or lighting a bonfire and having a BBQ or candlelight dinner? You can ask each family, neighbour or friend coming along to bring a plate of something Australian. Think sausages, potato salad, meat pies, and Pavlova, and lamingtons. Options like fairybread, timtams, and a bottle of Aussie wine are perfect for those who don’t want or have time to cook.

    2. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

    This is a great opportunity to spend some time outside, star gazing, going on a nocturnal bush walk or even turning it into a camping trip and sleeping under the stars. If you can’t manage to get away you could even camp out in the backyard or in a friend or neighbour's yard. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate our planet and Australia’s extraordinary natural environments.

    Camping earth hour

    3. Earth Hour Walk, Run or Bike Ride

    There are ways you can show your support for Earth hour and get fit at the same time! Grab a bunch of friends and go for a walk, run or cycle to see the lights out around your city or town. Just make sure you pack what you need for the evening, especially if you are going to be out for a while. If you are walking or running in parks or rural areas make sure you take a torch and jacket to make sure you are safe and warm during your Earth hour event.

    4. Earth Hour for Business

    There are also lots of fabulous ways that businesses can get involved in Earth hour. You might like to host an earth hour event for the staff where you work or have your own business. It doesn’t have to be at 8.30pm on Saturday. You could hold a morning tea on the Friday morning before or organise a fun activity like lawn bowls or paint ball.

    You can promote your participation in Earth Hour via social media, newsletters and your company website. When you register your business event on the Earth Hour website you can request a Corporate Pack (at a cost of $100 plus postage). You will receive the Earth Hour cookbook and two Earth Hour T-Shirts.

     5. Games Night

    A wonderful way to save energy and help the environment is to play games! Grab some candles and get together with your friends and family for a trivia night, murder mystery party, board game bonanza, or even a few rounds of poker or bingo.

     6. Earth Hour for Kids

    Schools around the nation will be participating in Earth Hour Schools Day on Friday 27th March. If you would like to host your own event for your kids, grandkids or other kids of friends and family there are numerous options. From a game of hide and seek to a shadow puppet show and making paper lanterns, there are plenty of ways to host a fun kids event. The theme of this year’s event is food and farming so you may want to play a game or organise an activity that is linked to one of these topics or the effects of global warming. There are loads of interesting ideas on the Earth Hour Kids page.

    For more information about Earth hour Australia 2015 and some helpful tips on hosting your own event head to