Best Student Exchange Gifts

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At this time of year, many young Australian's are preparing to head overseas for Summer student exchange programs This experience of a lifetime allows them to live like a local and a get a genuine understanding for their host country, culture and customs. In return many high school students from around the world will make Australia their home during our mild Winter months! 

Gift giving is an important custom in most cultures, especially when visiting and staying with friends and family. This custom is often a way to say thank you for their hospitality and support. However, each culture may have a particular etiquette when it comes to the type of gifts that are suitable. You can read about these in some of our earlier blogs or check with your student exchange organisation before shopping with us.

Packing for such a long trip is always hard, so we've put together a selection of our handy travel essentials below - gift for host families and perfect gifts for Aussie exchange students embarking on their first overseas adventure!

Passport Holders & Luggage Tags: you'll never lose your luggage or important documents with fun prints like these!


Toiletry & Laundry Bags: use them as they were designed or for storing just about anything...


Travel Journals & Notebooks: keep a memory of all those amazing sights, sounds, tastes and experiences!


Below are some of our favourite gift ideas - ideal for Australian students to give to their host families when they arrive at the temporary new home. These are also be great souvenirs for International students to take back to their own families and to help remember their time spend down under.

Gifts for mums & dads: more than 1,000 gifts and souvenirs, kitchen and homewares, skincare, fashion accessories and stationery, including our Aboriginal art inspired tea towels and Kangaroo print men's socks


Gifts for other teenagers: host brothers and sisters will all love our Australian Wanderlust colouring bookKoala print socks, pink beaded bracelet or one of our notebooks, like this vintage star wars print.



Gifts for young kids: the young ones will love our A to Z colouring book, Australian animal stickers, cookie cutters and our range of soft toys like Keelah Koala!




Exclusive to Bits of Australia - we have an great new range of gifts and souvenirs that have been designed specifically for Bits of Australia featuring Sydney and Melbourne city illustrations, cute Kangaroo, Wombat and Koala characters and our colourful Australian wildflowers print.

Not only are these products practical they're also lightweight and won't take up precious suitcase space! Check out our collection of fun new sticky notes, note pads, notebooks, coasters and magnets here:



Shop for more great Australian made gifts and souvenirs here!