Australian scarves for every season

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Whether you're looking to snuggle up in winter or add a bright pop of colour to a plain outfit, our Australian made scarves are a great addition to your wardrobe and make a great gift for any occasion.  

Scarves are a popular fashion accessory available in many styles, fabrics and sizes, and suitable for many occasions, from casual to formal and in the corporate world too!


A colourful Australian made scarf is the perfect way to add a stylish splash of colour, make a bold fashion statement, support local designers and they're practical too...

Summer Silk:

When the temperatures rise a silk scarf is the way to go! An Aussie made silk scarf will keep you cool with it's natural temperature-regulating properties, it is also highly absorbent and hypoallergenic to keep you dry and allow skin to breathe.  

Our unique Aboriginal art inspired scarves come gift boxed with information about each artist and artwork, and royalties directly benefit the artist and their community.

Winter Wool:

Wool is a completely natural and breathable fibre, that provides instant warmth. Soft and comfortable the natural elasticity of wool means it stretches, yet returns to its original shape making it long lasting. Unlike silk, wool is machine washable and easy to take care of - making it a great choice for regular, every day use.

Get cosy with one of our Australian made woollen scarves, like this felted wool infinity scarf or loose weave merino scarf for men and women:


Spring & Autumn Blends:

It can be tricky dressing for those in-between seasons, so it's the perfect time of year for a colourful scarf thrown around your neck and shoulders. Our silk, bamboo, jersey and wool blend scarfs are a handy fashion accessory for the Spring and Autumn months.

Throw one of our Australian made scarves in your handbag next time you head out and be ready for any kind of weather. We love the ocean printed bamboo scarf.  

A beautiful, colourful scarf makes a wonderful gift for women and men alike. Worn with a dress, jeans or a suit - our Australian made scarves will keep you warm in winter, cool in summer and add a splash of colour to any outfit!

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