Mindful in May - gifts for rest & relaxation

  • 2 min read

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga are becoming common practice in modern day lives - providing alternative ways to relax and de-stress after a busy day or week.

'Mindful in May' is a global campaign aimed to encourage more people to meditate while also raising money to fund clean water projects in developing countries. We thought it was a good time to share our favourite Aussie made mindful gifts to help you unwind.

Eye & Heat Pillows: our eye pillows are perfect to quieten tired eyes and minds after staring at computer screens all day. Our vintage bicycle heat pillows are filled with heatable/chillable silicon beads so they can be used as a hot or cold pack to relieve sore or aching shoulders and muscles.


Bubble Bath: the ancient Roman's loved their baths and set up elaborate bath houses with under-floor heating. Today, we take hot baths to unwind, soothe aches and pains and get better sleep. Try one our lightly scented and moisturising frangipani or ruby grapefruit body wash for soft skin and some much needed time-out to yourself.


Scented Candles: creating the right environment is essential to achieving total relaxation, and nothing helps set the mood like a scented candle or two. Try our Morrocon mango & mint candle or pear & ginger candle - breath deeply and let all your worries drift far away...

Colouring Books: colouring books are not just popular with kids, many adults are turning to colouring as a way to deal with stress and anxiety, and help improve focus, decision-making and emotional regulation. Whether you're a foodie or a cat lover, or anything in-between - we've got a colouring book that will help you switch off and 'be in the moment'.


Journaling: like colouring, keeping a diary is just not just for teenagers! Hundreds of successful people throughout history kept journals and scientific evidence suggests the act of writing accesses your left brain, allowing your right brain to create and feel. So pick up our 'sweet as' notebook or anchor journal and let your creatives juices flow.



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